Dinner Parties

Host your next private dinner event at Ringholz Studios with DUSK. Our gallery is the perfect venue for your next intimate dinner party or celebration! We set our 9 foot farm tables down the center of Ringholz Studios where you and your guests can have dinner with Amy Ringholz' latest artwork! We also can customize your dinner table to your color scheme, theme, or vibe for your special event. Guests can also leave your event with not only a memorable evening, but a Ringholz takeaway to remember the night.

Dinner parties with DUSK can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 50 guests at our tables.



DUSK can also host mixers and/or cocktail parties! Ringholz Studios is a great location for meeting with friends, wedding parties, or family reunions. Mixers are mostly standing room only with the option of renting high top tables. You can serve heavy apps or charcuterie with your favorite drinks! Mixers are great for fundraisers, employee appreciation events, welcome parties, or events for 50+ guests, up to 150 guests.


Completely customize your dinner table settings and decorations with our unique tablescapes! We have themes you can choose from OR create your own from our large selection of plates, glassware, garlands or fresh flowers, candles and centerpieces.

Imagine the creativity of Ringholz artwork brought to your table! Prepare to be inspired and impress your guests with our tablescapes!


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